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Garage Door Opener Repair Simcoe, Ontario, The motorized devices which are responsible for the opening and closing of the garage door are known as garage door opener. They can come in the form of switches on the wall or as a remote control. No matter if you are using the electric opener or remote control garage door openers it is always suggested that you leave the work to a professional. Replacing or repairing a garage door opener is a complicated process which should ideally be left in the hands of Garage Door Repair Simcoe, Ontario. Replacing a faulty opener is not necessarily a good idea since you can get it fixed at less than half the cost of a new opener.

The different kinds of garage door openers РGarage Door Opener Repair Simcoe, Ontario. Call us day or night ! 226-470-4909

Electric Opener: In 1926 the electric opener for overhead garage door was invented by C.G. Johnson. However the electric opener is not responsible for lifting the entire weight of the door. The lifting power comes from the torsion springs which are attached to the garage door. The electric opener is responsible for controlling how much the door opens or closes. These days another kind of garage door opener known as the jackshaft openers have become more popular in both commercial and residential garage doors. This opener comes with a motor attached to the side of the torsion rod and the door goes up or comes down just by spinning this rod.

Remote Control: The first generation remote controls used to function as a basic transmitter and receiver which opened or closed the door. These days the transmitters and receivers of remote control openers depend on a technology known as the rolling code technology. This technology would prevent trespassers from recording and replaying a code to open a garage door. Remote control openers in the 21st century come with many additional features some of which are listed below:Garage Door Opener Repair Simcoe, Ontario

Automatic lights which turns on and off during the opening or closing of the door. Remote lockout features are responsible for switching off the receiver when the owner is away for a long period of time. Additional accessories like key chain remotes, wireless keypads and solenoid operated deadbolts also come with the remote control openers of our times. An additional improvement in garage door opener is the wireless keypad which is based on fingerprint.

However one needs to keep in mind that with more than 300 parts the garage door is the largest independently moving object within your household. An improperly adjusted opener can exert a great deal of force and not reverse the door in times of an emergency. Therefore you should make sure that the counter balance spring is properly adjusted by a trained and experienced garage door mechanic. Though garage doors are pretty durable and last for decades, proper installation and regular tune ups are absolutely essential for smooth functioning of the garage door. Some of the best brands of garage door opener include Liftmaster Elite Series, Chamberlain ultra quiet, Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive etc.


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