Garage Door Springs Repair Delaware Ontario

Garage Door Springs Repair Delaware Ontario, Have a broken spring? Has your garage door lost that spring in its step, literally? Homeowners with garage doors know that any great piece of technology needs its maintenance, especially when it comes to daily-use machines like garage doors and their openers. For this reason, the garage experts from Garage Door Repair Delaware have dedicated their time and considerable knowledge to helping out homeowners, business owners and property owners with any and all of their garage door needs.

With years and years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial sectors, Garage Door Repair Delaware has acquired a significant recognition and accolades for their work in several prestigious publications, such as Angie’s List and an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau, among many others.

With all of the homes, offices, lots and places of business found all over the Delaware, Ontario area, we’ve decided to buckle down and give our clients the highest rated parts and services while maintaining the standard of service that we pride ourselves on giving each and every single one of our clients that we have the privilege of working for.


Let Garage Door Repair Delaware be your local, affordable, and reliable garage door repair company that provides 20-25 min emergency response time on all garage door spring repairs and installations. We replace torsion and extension garage door springs of all sizes for all different weights of garage doors. Our professional team are experts in replacing the right spring for your garage door to allow long lasting repairs.

Contact Garage Door Repair Delaware Ontario at 226-470-4909 now for your same day spring replacement.

Garage Door Springs Repair Delaware Ontario: The Important Inner Workings

For all of the innovations that are constantly improving and changing the way homes and buildings are incorporating garage doors and operating them on a daily basis, there is always one key essential component that must be in good condition for the whole mechanism to work, and more importantly, for it to work safely.

Garage door springs themselves are simply what their names imply: a spring or set of springs that are larger than the average spring used to fasten on part of a garage door to another. This spring’s main purpose in the design is to maintain the garage door in position when it is closed as well as when it is opened, while also making opening and closing it much easier.

Garage Door Springs Repair Delaware Ontario

The main problem that people with garage doors experience with their springs is the natural wear and tear that the continual use of the door or gate inflicts on it. Over time, the habitual stretching and squeezing of the spring will cause it to lose the spring pressure that it originally came with, and as a consequence, the door or gate will be harder to open or close, depending on how worn out it is.

Although most springs last for several years, the average spring found in a home will last longer than one that is installed in a larger commercial or industrial property, due to the higher tension that the spring is subjected to as well as the overall significantly increased weight of the whole mechanism itself.

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So if you feel like your garage door has seen better days and you’d like to have in in tip top shape again, contact the garage door and gate experts Garage Door Spring Repair Delaware. Give us a call at our home office number 226-470-4909 to speak with one of our garage technicians to arrange a service call for the small rate of $55, which will be waived if you decide to have us service your garage door spring. Or, send us an e-mail by requesting an estimate through our painless consultation entries, and we’ll have one of our schedulers get back to you as soon as possible. When it comes to your garage doors, don’t hesitate to call the pros that set the standard for maintenance, repair and motor installation.

Torsion Spring: 226-470-4909Garage Door Springs Repair Delaware Ontario

Last 15,000- 20,000 cycles (longer lasting)

Turns when operated

More controlled motion to allow garage door to open and close easier

Less maintenance

Less wear on your operator or motor resulting in longer lasting motor.


Extension Springs: 226-470-4909Garage door repair

Last 10,000 cycles

Expand and contract when operated

Jerking motion causing the garage door to fly up

Requires more adjustments in time

Requires more parts (longer cables, sheaves)