Has your Garage Door Fallen Off-Track

Has your Garage Door Fallen Off-Track? 226-470-4909 IN London , Ontario

The Homeowner’s Worst Garage Nightmare

You know that familiar screeching, grinding sound: your garage door is off track, and it gets worse every time you try to open or close your garage door. Alternatively, you open your gate to get in and out of your property, and the gate wheels get off the track, and you can’t even close or open the gate all the way, and in extreme cases, not at all. Fortunately for you, the garage experts at Garage Door Track Repair London are here to help in any way we can. Serving the beautiful city of London, ON and the surrounding area, we’ve acquired years and years of experience with all kinds of garage door and gating systems of every type, motorized and manual.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, mention in Angie’s List, as well as recognition from national and state licensing organizations, clients both old and new can be assured of our dedication to meeting and exceeding the expectations of those we have the privilege of serving. Working in all arenas of construction and home improvement only allows us to change and improve techniques to save you both time and money. Off Track Garages are things of the past with our services.

Track Stars: A Garage Door Track Study

Second only to the door itself, the tracks in any garage door system or gating system are important parts that need to be well maintained. That’s not to say that the motor, the springs, certain pins and even the gears are not important, but without the track, the entire system falls apart because the doors will have to be forced to open or close, damaging everything it is forced against the natural movement that the tracks should provide. The breakdown of the track system is simple: like the tracks on a ride or a roller coaster, these rails allow the smooth movement of the doors to go one of two ways, either up or down. Normally, when they are in proper working condition, the tracks are straight and have no noticeable deformities, which help the doors move without much effort by hand or by the motor in the case the system is motorized. When the track system is damaged, however, the tracks are blocked and can hinder any movement to and from. Small dents usually prove to be minor inconveniences and do not always require maintenance, but larger nicks and larger bends in the sheet metal almost always end up causing major inconveniences, often to the point of rendering the entire system useless.

This is why experts recommend slowly opening the garage door or gate and not slamming it into the open or closed position, as the track and doors may be damaged. Determining if the track is damaged is as easy as opening and closing the door or gate and looking for dents, listening for any metal on metal sounds, and noticing how much more effort is required to move them, even a little.

Fixing The Track – Has your Garage Door Fallen Off-TrackHas your Garage Door Fallen Off-Track

The process of repairing or replacing the track itself can take longer than an average project due to the need to remove the entire railing system in most cases to fix it or replace it. Once you’ve contacted us and arranged a service call with one of our emergency repair technicians, they will inspect the entire setup, as the track may not be the only problem, or the main problem at all.

When the inspection is complete, our tech will give you a complete review of your structure and notify of all problems and then suggest the best course of action to take. Provided you decide to have us service your project, we’ll do what is necessary, which will probably involve removing the entire outer portion of the garage and the tracks, and then replacing those tracks along with putting your garage or gate system back together. Although the process can become involved, it doesn’t take long, often taking less than one whole business day.

Get Your Garage Back On Track With Our Services

If you would like your garage inspected for any track deficiencies or you suspect any other problems, feel free to give us a call at our home office, 226-470-4909. The office staff are on-call during business hours and are there to help answer any questions you may have as well as schedule you for a service call, which only requires a nominal fee of $55, which will be immediately waived should you choose to employ our services. You can also send us a request for an online consultation by way of our website form with your contact information and we’ll get back you as quick as we can. Remember, for all of your garage needs, Garage Track Repair London is the only contractor for you.

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