London Garage Door Openers Repair

London Garage Door Openers Repair

London Garage Door Openers Repair or replace your garage door opener. A London, Ontario Garage Door Openers technician will arrive at your door and repair your garage door fast and reliably. Our technicians will make sure it is installed correctly the first time. At London, Ontario Garage Door Openers, we want you to be satisfied with your new garage door, opener and remote for many years to come.


Automatic opener is a very important part of your garage door operation. It allows you an easy access to your house and an easy way to get your garage door up and down. You can control your garage door by clicking on the remote control, the button on the wall and now in the last few years by using your smart phone.

London, ON Garage Door Openers is repairing and maintaining any type and brand of automatic garage doors but when we go to a customers house to install a new one, we recommend 2 brands of operators that in our years of experience provide the best performance and liability. Genie and LiftMaster which are the best selling operators on the market will give you a heavy duty, professional and smooth operation and peace of mind.‚Äč Most of the garage door openers operate the same and provide basically the same convenience, but only few will last longer and will operate in heavy climate changes.

London, ON Garage Door Openers has worked for years with only the best name brands on the market to ensure that our customers get nothing less than perfection.Our prices on automatic openers are reasonable, affordable and the performance of the equipment we sell will leave you with satisfaction and make your garage door the best one in the neighborhood.

Belt Drive

The belt drive is considered the best option for a quiet and smooth operating garage door opener. It is the number one, most recommended garage door opener on the market today.

Chain Drive

The chain drive is the most common operating opener, most home owners have. The parts on a chain drive opener tend to wear out quickly and need of constant maintenance and lubricationLondon Garage Door Openers Repair

Screw Drive

The screw drive opener system is an older version, and is mostly seen with Genie garage door openers. It is a loud operator and the electronic components tend to malfunction after a few years.

London, Ontario Garage Door Opener works every day and also accepts 24 hours emergency calls. If you have any questions, want to schedule an appointment in a time that fits your best, want to give us an idea on how your garage door was serviced or have any insights please give us a call or send us an email using our form above.

Thank you for choosing London Garage Door Openers Repair and we appreciate your business.

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